Sunday, December 22, 2013


It is with great joy and jubilation we celebrate another Christmas and New Year together with whole world. During this festive season we remember the Good News brought by the Angel of the Lord, 2013 years ago. The Angel of the Lord once again announces that joyful message to you and me. “Listen! Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy, a joy to be shared by the whole people of God, whole community, whole society and the world at large”.

Christmas is a day of exuberant joy. The reason of this joy of Christmas is explained in St. John’s Gospel. “The Word made flesh, he lives among us … to all who accepted him, he gives the power to become the children of God”. We, therefore, have a reason to celebrate, commemorate and to rejoice. God is with us, God is for us; God who appeared in Jesus will make us happy.

Let us stop for a while and examine our conscience my dear friends. What is the meaning of joy to you and for me? Would you consider yourself to be a joyful person or a sorrowful person? Very often in this worldly set up we may feel sad, unhappy, depressed, discouraged and so on. I don’t deny the fact that human inner craving or thirst for joy and happiness. You always like to enjoy life here on earth and after that.

In that case from where can we seek true joy or happiness? The Angel of the Lord announces very clearly – “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to all who enjoy his favour”. St. Paul confirms this in his letter to the Philippians. “Rejoice in the Lord always and rejoice”. Similarly Prophet Isaiah also confirmed that the people who walked in darkness, rejoiced in the Lord because they saw a great light, a light which brought joy to the world.

The English convert writer, G.K. Chesterton, very firmly exclaimed that ‘Joy is the secret of the Christian’. St. Francis of Assisi is perhaps one of the better known representatives of the experience of Christmas joy. St. Theresa of Lisieux also did admit that she found continuing joy in the love of God.

There is no doubt that the note of joy is prominent in Christmas. “Behold the saviour of the world is born to us, born in Sri Lanka, born in your community, born in your heart”. By realizing the importance of joy, I warmly wish you a happy and joyful Christmas. Similarly I invite you to rejoice in the Lord always, even in the midst of misery, suffering and despair.

Rev. Fr. Raveen Perera