Friday, March 15, 2013

C. E. A

The patron of the English Academy at the National Seminary Philosophate is Gilbert Keith Chesterton. He, by his birth belonged to the family of Chesterton. The Chesterton’s were a middle class, liberates in politics and religion, reasonably well to do, amateurs; in the noblest and most liberal sense. Chesterton was not a conventional, not a reflationary either, but was a rebel. He relied on traditions but his reliance was original and creative. He found creativity, not in a man-centered universe, but in a God- centered universe not in rationalism or irrationalism, but in an informed heart. Though his literature be influenced men, both intellectually and spiritually. The significant characteristic of Gilbert Keith Chesterton was that he defended the faith of the Church through his literal works when the faith was challenged.

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