Friday, November 30, 2012

How can we support you?


We candidates aspiring to pursue the discipleship of our Lord Jesus are bound to help you in whatever way it is possible for us to do so. These are some of the ways that we could help you. Our prayers take a prominent place among all these possible ways that are available.

  • We offer our daily Masses for your intentions, desires and ideas. 
  • Further we would like to state here that we in our prayers and Rosary remember you with deep gratitude. 
  • Following are the set of prayers we recite each day during the Liturgy of Hours: 


        May we be truly thankful, O Lord, for the grace you have given us through the generosity of our         benefactors who provide us with spiritual and material assistance. Keep these men and women in your constant care. We pray to the Lord……. 

Mondays and Tuesdays.

        Lord, we thank you for our benefactors who provide us very generously with all that is necessary for our formation. Bless them and their intentions, giving them good health and fulfillment of life. We pray to the Lord…… 

Wednesdays and Thursdays.

        Father, we thank you for the gifts you give us through the sacrifice of our benefactors. Shower your abundant graces upon them so that their lives would be full of peace and joy. We pray to the Lord….. 

Fridays and Saturdays.

        Lord, we remember with gratitude all those who contribute spiritually and materially towards our formation. We pray that their sacrifices may bear much fruit. We pray to the Lord……

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