Friday, November 30, 2012


     Gnanapragasar Tamil Academy (G. T. A.) formally known as the Tamil academy, was officially inaugurated on the 30th of October 1955 at the National Seminary Ampitiya. It was founded by the late Rev. Fr. G. A. Gurusami (O M I) in 0955 and he himself was the first moderator. In the year academy was named after Rev. Fr. Gnanapragasar, a son of the soil, a genius and a renounced scholar in the field of Philosophy and contributed a lot to the language of Tamil. Therefore it was thought by the pioneers of the academy that it is worth to name the academy after such a great personality, and St. Paul as the patron of the academy. During the past 5 decades this academy has brought up a lot of scholars in different fields. History is the main consequence of true development and growth. So at present this academy gets a prominent place in the history of the Sri Lankan Catholic Church. It is now well experienced in learning the main aspects namely Philosophy and Theology.

     After the foundation of the Philosophate, G T A too, separated and now it functions as a branch in the Philosophate. Rev. Fr. George Jeevaraj is the present moderator of this academy in the Philosophate and it consists of 38 members from both religious and diocesan communities. We celebrate “Tamil Thaipongal” ceremony in the Philosophate annually. We also publish a magazine “Meivihil” annually and we conduct a fair amount of competitions. We are proud to say that the GTA has been a right example to build up and maintain a good friendship and brotherhood between two ethnic groups of the country. Also we appreciate all the well-wishers of our academy specially our sister academy namely Gonsalvez Sinhala Academy (Go. Si. A) who assist us in shouldering the responsibility. Especially we thank our Rev. Fr. Director and other fathers of the Philosophate for their great support.