Friday, November 30, 2012


In the aftermath of the inauguration of the Philosophate, the Christ the Poor League Society was established in order to appreciate the work and the services of the Philosophate minor staff. The sole object of this society is to appreciate and extend our support to our minor staff in their necessity.

Apart from that, some objectives such as alms giving, organizing the Christmas gathering, sale of Christmas cards, conducting tuition classes for the children of the village etc are carried out. Sale of Christmas cards is one of the main fund raising means and it has become the main source of income too. By organizing a Christmas gathering for the supportive staff and their children we can really share our joy and happiness with them. Also under the guidance of the present director of the Philosophate who is also the moderator, CPL opened a new 'Ape Kade' for the brothers. 'Ape Kade' will bring the brothers the opportunity to buy the stationaries and other items that they need. The profit from 'Ape Kade' will be used in charity.

This society epitomizes the interest of the Brothers in their charity work. Christ the Poor League Society extends its heart felt gratitude to all the Priests and Brothers for their untiring effort in the work of this Society a success. It is only deeds that we can reflect the living contemporaries of Christ.

Our Domestic Staff