Friday, November 30, 2012

Chesterton English Academy

       The patron of the English Academy at the National Seminary Philosophate is Gilbert Keith Chesterton. He, by his birth belonged to the family of Chesterton. The Chesterton’s were a middle class, liberates in politics and religion, reasonably well to do, amateurs; in the noblest and most liberal sense. Chesterton was not a conventional, not a reflationary either, but was a rebel. He relied on traditions but his reliance was original and creative. He found creativity, not in a man-centered universe, but in a God- centered universe not in rationalism or irrationalism, but in an informed heart. Though his literature be influenced men, both intellectually and spiritually. The significant characteristic of Gilbert Keith Chesterton was that he defended the faith of the Church through his literal works when the faith was challenged. Therefore, National Seminary of Our Lady of Lanka, the Alma mater of the indigenous clergy, has taken Gilbert Keith Chesterton as the patron of her English Academy in order to be enriched by his vision in all his endeavours.

  Vision and Mission

To instill, uphold and enhance the English literary skills within the student population of the National Seminary Philosophate and to instill the necessary confidence needed to use English as an effective tool in conveying the Word of God in fostering the mission of the Catholic Church.

Objectives and Aims of the Academy

Language skills for the study of philosophy
A person above cultural prejudice
A global vision for mission
Effectiveness and eloquence in rhetoric persuasion
To bridge separation and division
Lifelong continuous learning 

The CEA  Administrative Corpus

It operates under three main levels:

Core Members
Subcommittee Members
Representatives of Religious Houses

Each of these levels consists of the following determinate and indeterminate numbers:

Core Members – Six Members
Subcommittee members – Twenty Members
Representatives of the Religious Houses 

Core Members
i. CHAIRMAN – a diocesan from the second year of Philosophy

ii. VICE CHAIRMAN – a diocesan from the first year of Philosophy

iii. SECRETORY – a religious from the second year of Philosophy
iv. VICE SECRETORY – a diocesan from the first year of Philosophy

v. BURSAR – a religious from the second year of Philosophy

vi. VICE BURSAR – a diocesan from the first year of Philosophy           

For each of these subcommittees are headed by two members each as the head and deputy, who will organize keep up and conduct all activities pertaining to its scope 

1) Film and Documentary Committee
2) Art and Photography Committee
3) Speech and Drama Committee
4) Poetry and Essay Committee
5) Translation Committee
6) Journalism Committee
7) Song and Music Committee
8) General Knowledge Committee
9) Wall Magazine Committee
10) CEA Annual Magazine Committee