Come to me all who are burdened

When our souls are weary, Christ is the only consolation where we experience his love to the fullest.

Thirsting for God.

In everything you do, look first for God always.

The Philosophate standing majestically in the midst of Dumbara Mountains

The massive edifice where the future priests are trained to develop their reason

Our Patroness

All the seminarians and priests are invited to be another Christ and to follow the footsteps of Jesus, the High Priest under the protection of Our Lady of Lanka

Faith seeking understanding

Future priests are taught Philosophy not to question the Divine existence, but to consolidate their faith in God

Thursday, November 5, 2020


Welcome to – The Official Website of The National Seminary Philosophate, Ampitiya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Philosophy is taught as a preparation for theology because both these aspects supplement one another.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Service in view of the Pentecost

“I will send you a companion; he will guide you and show you the path of salvation”
My dear friends in Christ Jesus, as we are getting ready to welcome the Holy Spirit, it is always good to prepare ourselves receive the fruit of the spirit whole heartedly.
It is clear that when we go through the Old Testament we could understand the beliefs, expectation and the experience about God of Israelites. The people of Israel were strictly following the rules and commandments given by God through Moses. They never failed to follow them. Though they were hard and fast rules and commandments, they accepted them whole heartedly. Their only expectation is to prepare themselves for the coming of the Messiah the redeemer.
Besides in the New Testament, we see Jesus the Messiah whom the Israelites were looking for. Although he came to the world in the form of human they were not ready to accept him. Even though he performed many miracles their hearts didn’t accept Him. It is because His teaching was totally different from the teaching of Moses. They used to obey and follow them.
In the same way my dear brothers as we live in the modern world, are we ready to accept our Lord Jesus in our lives?  As we are getting ready for the coming of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus promised us to give, do we ready worthy to receive the fruit of the Holy Spirit?
We were given baptism when we were born. During that time we were so small. So we were not able to understand the gravity of the power of the Holy Spirit. But we know that we begin to receive the Holy Spirit during our confirmation. We enlightened by the power of the Spirit. We begin to fulfill the commandments of Jesus. That is love.
Loving our neighbors as Jesus loves us. Love is the highest commandment of our Lord with that loving commandment let us prepare ourselves to be worthy to welcome the Holy Spirit and serve the Lord with the help of the Spirit.

First Holy Mass of newly Ordained Priests in the National Seminary Philosophate

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Prayer Service on One Month Commemoration of the Martyrs of the Easter

“Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall live together in Christ” My dear friends in Jesus Christ, we spend a quite decisive period of time in our country where dread, fear and uncertainty have started playing the upper hand in the society a brutal terrorism which has an insane ideology as its base caused the lost of many innocent people. The pain of this lost retains in the hearts and minds of the living while set of group is playing dice with the lives of the people. The physical wounds of the survived will indeed be healed leaving indelible stains in their memory, and it is unpredictable how long it will take for such wounds of the soul to be healed. We are not here to intricate your feelings or emotions against the p[people who are responsible for this tragedy, nor to talk about the politics of Sri Lanka which has become a secure den for thieves. My dear friends let us try to commemorate the innocent people who sacrificed their lives indicating a greater danger to come. Their death, unjust though it is, became an eye opener to the entire country. Our Lord himself said, “Do not throw your pearls in front of pigs”. Desperately that is what has happened to our beautiful island, the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The only thing that we can do in this transitional period where the entire country looks up to a genuine change, is to pray for our country. Let us earnestly pray for the faithful departed who are now entitled as “Easter Martyrs” and for all the families that are affected by this great tragedy. Their blood and tear sprinkled on the risen Christ saved the country. Let us feel solidarity with them. Let us not forget that they shed their blood for the country and for the church. In this moment where we have already spent one month after this tragic event let us be aware that this seminary is dedicated to Our Lady of Lanka, Our beloved mother as the patroness of our country, Let us rededicate this country to her maternal care at this crisis so that she would definitely intercede for us by her powerful prayers. Everyone would say we had “Black Easter”, but I would say we had a “Red Easter” on the 21st of April. The blood and tears of the innocent people were dissolved in the chalice of our Lord and consecrated. My dear friends let us remember these Easter martyrs by lighting the candles as beacons of hope. Bro. Deshan Almeda